Mariano López
Father of Mario López, student of the Jason Floyd International Junior Golf Academy annual programmes 2010- 2011 and 2011 -2012

I trusted the Jason Floyd Golf Academy to have and look after what I love most in life: my son Mario. I was looking for an academy with a difference that will develop him on a personal and golfing level. Two years later I have to say that the experience was outstanding and that I would take the same decision again without any doubt. Mario has development tremendously both as a person and a professional under the wing of Jason Floyd´s very talented and professional Team.

Giuliano Michellini
Father of Riccardo Michellini, student of the Jason Floyd International Junior Golf Academy years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012

When Riccardo arrived in Sotogrande at age 16, he was a pretty fair player but he just hit the ball, and did not understand completely the tecnique of golf swing. At IJGAS he found a premium level staff that has transformed him all around: the swing, body fitness, mind condition teachers allowed him to go throught all the details acquiring a level of knowledge that for sure he will treasure for the rest of his player life. During my several visits at the Academy I’ve always been impressed by the huge amount of instruments, drills and devices from the simpliest to the most high tech. Each time I’ve found something new and even more impressive. In a few words it’s been a great pleasure for me to see how much the PASSION for teaching of Jason and his Staff have constantly improved the quality of the Academy. Moreover, as a parent it’s been a great happiness for me to see my son Riccardo grow into a self-sufficent person in his every day life.
He has learned to schedule his time in order to conjugate his golfing with his school commitments. Now he is going to get his InterBaccalureate Diploma at school and as from next fall he’ll compete as a San Diego State University player in the NCAA tournament. A new chapter in his player’s life and honestly… if he is ready now, it’s thanks to Jason and his Staff, to whom I will be always grateful. Great job done! Many, many thanks!