• 23rd June
           Almenara Golf Club 
  • 8th September (1)
           Finca Cortesín Golf Club
  • 22nd September (2)
           San Roque Club (Old Course) 
  • 6th October 
          Almenara Golf Club
€50 for each inscription.
(1)Inscription for this special event €120.
(2)Inscription for this special event €80.
(3)Inscription for this special event €250.


  • 26th, 27th and 28th October (3)
          Sotogrande International Young Talents Trophy
  • 17th November 
           San Roque Club (New Course)
  • 24th November
           Valle Romano Golf Resort
  • 8th December 
           Alcaidesa Heathland

PLEASE EMAIL marta@jasonfloydgolfacademy.com FOR CONFIRMATION

Code of Conduct

The JFGA Tour expects the highest level of respect and behaviour from all of its members and competitors. Our goal is to grow and enhance the game of golf amongst young and passionate players while upholding the traditions and rules of the game. Therefore we have a code of conduct by which we require our players to abide.


  • Hats must be worn with peak forward, males must remove hat while indoors.
  • Collared shirts or mock turtlenecks must be worn and tucked in at all times.
  • Tailored shorts are permitted with white ankle socks.


  • T-shirts.
  • Denim shorts, jeans and board shorts.
  • Earrings (males).
  • Body piercings.
  • Tattoos (must be covered).
  • Failure to comply with the dress code will result in the player in question being prohibited from teeing off.


  • Any of the following actions at a JFGA event are considered violations of our code of conduct;
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, cheating, club throwing, disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors.
  • Not adhering to the dress code at the host golf course
  • Use or association with drugs, alcohol or smoking.
  • Failure to repair pitchmarks, divots or raking bunkers.
  • Any verbal or physical abuse towards fellow competitors or staff.


The JFGA Tournament Committee may apply any or all of the following penalties based on severity and frequency of the violation(s):

  • One-stroke penalty for each act of unsportsmanlike behaviour on the golf course.
  • Immediate disqualification from the tournament at which the violation occurs.
  • The JFGA Tour reserves the right to ban any player, parent or coach from the Tour due to a serious or continued breach of the Code of Conduct.

Rules and Regulations

Golf is essentially a self-regulating game. The JFGA players are responsible for knowing the rules and are expected to apply them correctly.


The Committee will be formed by an odd number of members, and the decisions will be taken by a majority; in the case of a dispute the committee will be made up of 3 JFGA Competition Committee and 2 JFGA Junior Tour Competitors.


  • All golfers with an official handicap aged under 23. The maximum hcp will be 36,0.


  • The registration will be done by e-mail to: marta@jasonfloydgolfacademy.com and at the sign in desk on the day of competition.

Start times and groups

  • The Committee will publish the start times and groups the day before the event.


  • The events are 18 holes medal play, unless stated otherwise.


  • For net prizes full handicap will be applied depending of the EGA system. The player’s handicap will be taken from the Spanish Federation website.
  • The player is responsible for any recent alterations to his/her handicap that has not yet been adjusted by the Federation.

Decision of Ties

In the event of a tie, a winner will be determined comparing the score cards. If the tie still exist it will be through the comparing of the hcp game.


  • Our prizes will not exceed the limit of GBP £500 in order to comply with the rules of amateur status laid down by the R&A.
  • Cash prizes will not be awarded.
  • Gambling on the JFGA Tour is prohibited.

Practice on the course

  • Rule 7-1 applies here.
  • Practice is prohibited on the course during the day of the competition.


  • Males under 10 handicap will compete from the white competition tee markers.
  • Males over 10 handicap will compete from the yellow competition tee markers.
  • Females will compete from the red competition tee markers.
  • Any competitor under the age of 10 is permitted to compete from the red tee markers.

Slow Play

  • Rule 6-7 applies here.
  • The player must play without undue delay and keep pace with the group in front.
  • The penalty for a breach of Rule 6-7 is a two stroke penalty and for a repeated offence, disqualification.

Suspension of play

  • In the event of dangerous situations such as lightening, the committee may suspend all play with three blasts of a claxton.
  • Failure to discontinue play will result in disqualification


  • Caddies are not encouraged.

Player and Caddy Attire

  • Correct attire on the course is mandatory at all times.

Player Responsibilities

  • All players are required to strictly conform with the current R&A Rules of Golf  Players are expected to follow the dress code of the golf course being played.
  • Players must submit their signed and checked scorecard to the JFGA organisers immediately upon completion of their round.


  • Players are expected to conduct themselves in a good and mature manner at all times.
  • Bad behaviour will be noted and can be punished with penalty strokes or in severe situations, disqualification.

Local Rules

GPS/Laser Assistance

  • Use of GPS/Laser equipment is permitted without slope in accordance with the Note under Rule 14-3

Out of Bounds

  • Rule 27-1 applies.
  • Beyond any fence or line of white stakes defining the boundary of the course.
  • At the 18th hole, on or beyond the concrete path surrounding the Clubhouse.

Ground Under Repair

  • All areas encircled by white lines are considered GUR and full relief must be taken under no penalty

Staked Trees

  • Staked trees are deemed immovable obstructions and relief must be taken under no penalty.

Embedded Ball

  • Rule 25-2 gives relief for a ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in a closely-mown area through the green. The ball may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible but not nearer the hole.

Stones in Bunkers

  • Stones in bunkers are deemed to be movable obstructions.

Preferred lies

  • If the committee deems it suitable preferred lies will be applied.
  • Preferred lies is applicable on any closely mown area through the green.
  • A player must mark his/her ball when taking relief.
  • Relief up to one scorecard length may be taken.

Immovable Obstructions Close to the Putting Green

  • Free relief may be taken from immovable close to the putting green, such as sprinklers.

Roads and Paths

  • Relief without penalty is granted from all artificially made surfaces.