The fact that it is a bilingual golf school is another big reason why Jason Floyd is so important both in Europe and internationally.

Jason Floyd Golf Academy has become a golf school of great interest to students from all over Europe, United Arab Emirates and Asia, because in addition to preparing our students play level receive a bilingual education, ie, learn to speak fluently both English and Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world.

During golf training, students will be taught by native English and Spanish professional golf coaches. Enriching their vocabulary in both languages as far as the world of golf is concerned, something that will help them to develop in future international competitions.

However, in addition to training, students will go to continue their education at the prestigious International School of Sotogrande. Located in the town of Sotogrande, Cadiz, is one of the most important schools where your son or daughter can prepare for their academic future at a very high level.

There they will give their classes in both languages, thus receiving the knowledge of the different subjects in both languages, reinforcing their knowledge in both as to be able to move smoothly in any situation of their lives.

Thanks to the bilingual education that our students receive in the Jadon Floyd golf academy and in the International School of Sotogrande, they will be able to opt to receive a scholarship to study in the American universities. Not only will they have the opportunity to continue developing as elite sportsmen and women, but they will also continue training at an academic level, expanding their future opportunities, both in the world of golf and in the university career of their choice.

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Jason Floyd Golf Academy, the best option to train as golf professionals and as people.