JFGA Summer Camps 2022


The JFGA Summer Camps 2022 are designed to assist Junior Golfers and Elite Players to achieve their goals and aims during the camps offered from the 4th – 29th of July.

Students will train with our experienced Performance Programme Team and will be able to use state of the art golf technology (Trackman, Smart2Move Forceplates, TPI Screening, Aimpoint, BodiTrak…) to learn and improve all aspects of their game. Every student will register to our Coach Now and players’ platform, where parents are invited to follow their progress. Small groups guarantee that the students receive plenty of individual attention throughout the summer camp and that they receive recognition for their golfing and physical development.

Our Golf Summer Camps for players between 12 and 18 years old are available during the month of July with the Performance Programme being conducted in English. The students will have the opportunity to train and improve their game with our Performance Programme Team in the mornings and practise and play one some of the wonderful courses in and around Sotogrande and San Roque.

The Elite Player Summer Programmes are offered to suit the golfers’ tournament and trainings schedule in July. These camps are best suited for players between 13-18 years old with a single figure handicap.

Our Performance Programmes are designed to suit a player’s particular need. Every student participating in the Performance Programme will cover the following:

• Swing Efficiency
• Short Game
• Physical Conditioning
• Course Management
• Tournament Preparation
• Life smart

Our Philosophy is that if a player can maximize their performance in these areas, then the results will take care of themselves. The Jason Floyd Golf Academy will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of optimizing and fulfilling every golfer’s potential.

Our purpose-built practice and performance facilities  are designed for excellence. This, together with the expertise of our Performance Programme Team and a fantastic climate provides our students with an unrivalled experience.

Campus Life

Our campers will be housed in the Boarding Residence of The Sotogrande International School  sharing spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms access to lush gardens, a pool area and Paddel tennis courts.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the camp package. In the evenings and weekends the residents will have the chance to recharge and enjoy sports and activities offered.

Pastoral Care: Children’s welfare is a vital component in enjoying residential life at our Summer  Camps. Residents are encouraged to mix socially, and dedicated and experienced staff oversee the life of the camp in a friendly, healthy and supportive atmosphere to ensure the best experience for everyone.


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 Summer Camps Dates

Elite Player Training Camps 2022 available during the month of June and July

Boarding/Non Boarding options

Junior Camps 2022 (3rd to the 16th of July) or (17th to the 30th of July)

Boarding/NonBoarding options

Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy
Jason Floyd Academy


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