Its February, its cold, its wet, theres snow on the ground and many the golf courses are closed. Maybe where you are, but not here in the south of Spain! We are very fortunate to have golfing weather 365 days a year.

The weather around Europe is changing but the season is still far away, you’ve been working hard all Winter but want to get a head start hitting balls off grass driving ranges, chipping and putting greens before your competitors and theres still time to make significant changes, ready for the start of the season.

Our passion at the JFGA is ensuring the success of all Student-Athletes that work

with us. Our Winter Campers receive the exact same care, service and attention to detail that our Full Time Student-Athletes receive and we want to ensure that all campers get off to the best starts in their seasons as possible.

We will fully assess every part of all campers Technical, Physical and Mental game, and design personalised programmes designed around their individual needs, providing a structured practice regime to work on through the winter months, ready to perform when the tournament season starts.

For more information about our Winter Camps, contact us.

Sign up to our 2022 Winter Camp from 27 February – 3 March 2023.

Our Part-Time Programme is also available throughout winter. To find out more, please email us on or call us on +34 607 042 134.

Winter Camps

Winter Camp 2022 Dates

21st – 25th February 2022


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