Regardless of golfing skill level, putting accounts for an impressive 43% of your total golf strokes, taking into account those rounds where you play the perfect game and those, where reaching the 18th couldn’t come sooner. 43% is almost half of your golf game. Lower this percentage through good putting and you will natural lower your score during rounds.

Putting Philosophy

Putting is therefore one of the crucial skills in golf, that can have a dramatic effect on your scoring. Eliminating 3-putts alone can save the average to higher handicap golfer three to four strokes per round.  Making more putts of 8-10 feet or less results in more birdies, more saved pars and fewer double-bogeys.

More PGA Pros rank in the Top 10 & Top 50 of the money list who also rank in the Top 10 in Putting from four to eight feet vs those who ranked in the Top 10 in Driving Distance, Driving Accuracy or Greens in Regulation.

Perfecting your putting is therefore a crucial element in your golf

Here at the JFGA after comprehensive testing, analysis and working with golfers of all skill levels; we have determined the three essential skills that need to be mastered in order achieve putting perfection.

1.    Green Reading

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. By not correctly assessing the green you are almost guaranteeing an extra shot on your scorecard before you even hit the putt.

We use AimPoint as our method of green reading as it takes guesswork out of the equation. You are “putting” your trust in a system that works, therefore you can fully commit to your stroke knowing that your read is calibrated not guesstimated.

2.    Start Line

It’s amazing how many players don’t actually know how to aim their putter or how their putter arcs during the stroke. To help give the athlete facts not assumptions we use SAM putt lab to analyse the player’s stroke in the finest of details.

Having the ability to start the ball on your intended line is vital because; ultimately you are able to effectively diagnose and evaluate the result of your putt. “Did I read the putt correctly?…..Did I hit the ball the appropriate distance?……or was it a combination of the two?”

3.    Ball Performance

Often an overlooked element of putting, knowing how your golf ball rolls is essential as it enables you to fully dial into your distance control. Many unforced errors on the greens are caused by poor distance control; this can be caused by miss strikes, inconsistent club geometry, equipment inconsistencies and much more.

In future blogs we will discuss each aspect of our philosophies in more depth to discuss how these elements will lead to lower scores when used effectively.

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