Self-reflection is a learning tool that allows students to take responsibility for their own development. It is a key skill for the students. Once a student has mastered the process, they can maximise the learning potential in any situation. This is why here at Jason Floyd Golf Academy all the students do a debrief after they have played a round of golf, on their personal “CoachNow accounts”.

Self – reflection can help the students to learn from experience.
This can assist them to relate theory to practice that has been taught to them by the coaches, it can allow them to relate broad principles to specific instances and it facilitates learning across disciplines and subject areas.

Self – reflection can help the students to keep learning through a lifetime of playing the game of golf.

This works in line with “My Game” sessions here at the academy, the students work with the coaches to come up with an individual and personal coaching plan. The students then do deliberate practice, and this will lead to better performance on the golf course.

When the students start to play more competitions later on in the season, the coaching style will be tailored to be more random practice. This is when the students have to use their skill to hit the best shot possible and this is focused more on the scoring side of golf. With all the knowledge and skills the students will learn here at Jason Floyd Golf Academy they have everything they need to perform to the best of their ability.

It is import that the student feel that they are involved in the learning process. This is where the Self Determination Theory comes in.

There are three parts of Self Determination Theory ( SDT )
1. Competence: this is the students having the understanding of the skill or task that is in had, and know how to perform in that instance.

2. Relatedness: This is where the coaches play an important role in the students experience at the academy. The trust a coach and student build is vital to their learning.

3. Autonomy: This is when the students take responsibility in the “My Game” session at the academy.

So now you can see the importance a debrief has on the students golf game. This makes the student’s coaching and practice more tailored to them to get better results. Finally this helps students to say motivated to get better, by having their input in a practice season here at the academy.

By Jack Hawkins
Jason Floyd Golf Academy Instructor
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