If you find yourself asking this question, you really need to take a look at how you practice.

Here at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy we believe in purposeful practice. Whether the player is making a swing change or getting ready for a tournament, we make the players practice purposeful and as realistic as the conditions they are going to play in.

We break our practice sessions into two different types based on the players periodisation plan. Off-season we conduct more “Deliberate” practice sessions and coming into the season we carry out more “Random” practice sessions.

“Deliberate vs Random”
“Lets take a closer look at what a typical Jason Floyd Golf Academy Deliberate Practice session looks like.”


Deliberate Practice: This is when a player is creating a new motor pattern. The session would comprise of more deliberate movements and feels based on their 3D force-plate analysis and 3D motion capture analysis. (Used mostly in off season.)
These sessions are set out in stations based on the players motor pattern requirements. At each station the player must complete 2 minutes of deliberate practice with a feed back device before moving onto the next station.

“Feedback device is critically important to the learning process”

The final station the player gets a quantity of balls based on how many deliberate practice minutes they have completed.

“5 minutes of deliberate movements = 5 balls.”

Once the balls are all hit, the player then repeats the process. This practice is carried out in 15 minute blocks, with 3 blocks per full-swing session. We call these sessions “Deliberate 15”.

By not allowing the player to senselessly ball bash, it really focuses their attention on the key feels and movements, which are vital when trying to perform a new motor pattern.

Here we have a player working on certain feels based on her 3D information

  Station 1 Rope Drill – For Timing                            Station 2 Balance Boards -For GRF


“Remember if you are not practising
with intent and purpose!
You might as well go walk the cat,
it will be more beneficial for you.”


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