At the Jason Floyd Golf Academy, we understand golf is an amazing tool to educate our Student-Athletes not only in Athletic Development, but also development of Character and Personal Etiquette. 

We believe every Student-Athlete is an individual and requires a programme based around their personal needs. There’s no “one size fits all” in golf, we are all different shapes and sizes and have different capabilities, which all need to be catered for. 

Our Passion, is in the success of our Student-Athletes, creating the next generation of champions both on and off the golf course!


Structured Pathway

 The Triple A Learning Pathway consists of a unique system of structured programmes, offering a solution to the demands of combining elite sport and education.

Students from age 10 up to 18 has the opportunity to join a system that allows them to focus and excel on both their golf and their academics, without compromising one, or the other, facilitating their goal of earning University scholarships in the USA:

 Triple A Golf prides itself on its ability to personalise full-time golf programmes at the JFGA and work in partnership with Sotogrande International School  (SIS) who deliver internationally recognised academic qualifications.

Our scholarship department, JFGA Scholarships work closely with universities across the U.S. to generate scholarship offers for our students, completing the Student-Athletes’ pathway to college.

Bespoke and Personalised

 The JFGA and SIS offer a bespoke service, providing individualised programmes, designed to each Student-Athletes personal needs.

 Utilising state of the art technologies and the latest coaching philosophies, student-athletes work with the JFGA to excel in their golf performance. 

The Student-Athletes study at SIS, where they complete their International recognised qualifications.

 JFGA Scholarships supports our Student-Athletes throughout the whole process, from application profiles/videos, to registration, to graduation and life after college.

Additional Programmes & tournaments

travel squad

Part Time

Titleist National
Custom Fitting Center


Autumns Golf
Training Camp



Our Partners

The JFGA is supported by recognised partners who help us to share our passion for golf with our students. We would like to thank them all. Without you, our numerous success stories would not be possible.

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