Performance Philosophies

Ultimately every player is judged by results, however there are a lot of skills and processes that allows the player to produce good scores. Therefore at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy we are big believers in working on processes and being able to control the controllables.

The JFGA has designed structured tour proven processes that are applied to a players Physical, Technical and Mental games. This approach gives the player a far greater understanding of their own games which leads to maximising a players potential.

All great athletes have habits that work for them as individuals, whether they are in preparation, competing or in post tournament analysis mode. The JFGA prides itself in educating its players on how to manage themselves in all of these areas.

Golf is not only an extremely highly skilled technical and physical game but equally mentally and emotionally demanding. Frustration therefore often gets the better of many young talented golfers and limits their ability to produce the scores they are capable of.

After a period of time the Academy students start to own these key performance skills and in so doing become far better players able to compete in all levels of competition worldwide.

Mental sessions are delivered through many different types of sessions in order to assist the player to understand the importance of having a solid performance structure. These foundations are the key to any players success.


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