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Jason Floyd
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The Jason Floyd Golf Academy is one of the most innovative in Europe. We are the only golf academy to include personalised academic and sporting education and training designed for each student according to their needs, giving them the opportunity to develop. This is because we use the latest sports technologies and an intensive golf training at the same time as we provide excellent education.


The process

The experience of Jason Floyd as a trainer of PGA and European Tour Professionals is the basis of our development of an exclusive golf training methodology in the privileged location of Sotogrande (San Roque).

JFGA works on the four fundamental pillars for playing golf: technique, physical fitness, nutrition and a healthy mind.

We have also created a structured platform where our Student Athletes can work on their personal game, whilst being part of our great team.

Our training involves a team of experts in specific areas of technical, physical and mental performance, all under the same roof and communication between the team and the individual is important to us.

The programmes, team and technologies are combined together to provide our students with training focused on the development of the Junior Golf Performance at the highest levels in the world, providing a platform for success at the best universities in the U.S. and opening doors to European Tours and the PGA.

Personalised and bespoke training

Before beginning the course in the Jason Floyd Golf Academy, our Student Athletes go through a “body swing link” test to assess their physical condition, strengths and weaknesses which we use as a basis for designing a personalised physical and technical programme aimed at providing continued improvement to achieve success.

Working with technologies such as K-Vest 6 and 3D, Trackman Launch Monitors, Foreceplates, BodiTrak, V1 Video Analysis and SAM Putt Lab on a daily basis, as well as The Titleist Golf programme, we have access to the latest Titleist adaption equipment and programmes of the Performance Institute.

Every week our Student Athletes are trained in the mental aspects of the game, learning emotional control, stress management and how to perform under pressure.

Our programme offers all Student Athletes the unique opportunity to become hugely successful in the world of golf and in life, whichever path they choose to follow.

Jason Floyd Corporate

Corporate days are a great way to provide new and existing clients with unrivalled opportunities for networking in a fun and relaxing environment, creating memorable events.

From training sessions which provide clients with the best opportunities to improve their game to a specially designed tournament, our team will organise everything for an unforgettable golfing day.

We travel to any part of the world to prepare your special day, adapted to your needs and requirements on a personal level.

Enjoy the opportunity to make contacts and create new relationships between yourselves and your clients. We provide you with the world’s best instruction techniques, the latest technology and highly skilled trainers.

For your corporate experience with Jason Floyd Golf Academy, please contact

Some of our Corporate Date partners have included: Credit Süisse, Samsung, Omega, Audi, Fujitsu, Siemens, Rolex, Sony, Canon, Jazztel and Vodafone.

Jason Floyd Golf Academy Junior tour

The JFGA Junior Tour is a platform which offers the opportunity for Student-Athletes and local juniors to play tournaments all year round, even during low season.

With access to a large number of incredible golf courses on the Costa del Sol and Cadiz we prepare our Student Athletes for all the major tournaments in the main season, by giving them the experience of golf competitions throughout the whole year.

The Junior Tour offers a continuous competitive experience, providing a valuable CV for students to present to university trainers and which opens the doors to the NCAA events.

Jason Floyd Golf Academy Junior Tour Major

Once a year in October, we host our JFGA JT Major, the Sotogrande International Young Talent Trophy, a WAGR event attracting many of Europes best Junior Golfers looking for some end of season WAGR Points.


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