Part Time
Performance Programme

At the JFGA, we understand not everyone can be with us on a Full Time Programme, however, we still want to provide our Part Time Students with exactly the same quality, care and attention that our Full Time Student-Athletes receive. Our passion is to provide our Student-Athletes with the best opportunity to be successful in their chosen career path, regardless of the total duration they are able to visit us at the academy.

Every Student-Athlete at the JFGA, regardless of if they are Full or Part Time, receives a personalised programme specific to their individual needs. This gives us the flexibility to offer Part Time programmes that fit around our students personal schedules, be that 1 week+, 1 month+ or 6 month+ time frames.

Our Part Time Performance Programmers are available to all golfers of various ages and abilities, be that Gap Year Students or Elite Amateurs looking to train around their tournament schedules or School Students looking to advance their golf during time away from school. We are fully invested into helping our Student-Athletes achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

The Part Time Programme offers up to 8 hours of daily practice, Monday to Friday with 4 hours being dedicated to their individually designed programme in Technical, Physical and Mental Performance every morning 9am-1pm, followed by 4 hours of Full Facility Access for independent practice 3:30pm-7:30pm.

On a daily basis we will assess and reassess every facet of the game from Tee to Green and continue to build our Part Time Players personal programmes. This all starts with our initial “Body Swing Link” analysis which involves the collection of Biomechanical and Physical data. The combination of the information collected then provides the blueprint for designing the initial programmes that continually gets updated as the Student-Athletes Progress. The combination of the Student-Athletes Technical and Physical abilities is vital to ensuring they reach their full potential.

Just as vital is the development of our Student Athletes Mental Performance Skills to ensure they can transfer their abilities into performance in pressurised tournament conditions. Part Time Programmers receive weekly Mental Performance Sessions throughout the year to ensure these skills are developed for their busy tournament schedules.

If you’re passionate, hard working and determined to improve your golfing ability and achieve your personal goals then this programme could be for you. Get in touch with us to learn more!


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