Jason Floyd Golf Academy Student Assessment

Our over-riding passion at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy (JFGA) is to ensure the attainment of our Student-Athletes’ goals both as golfers and as people, helping them along the way to their achievements. The Coach-Student relationship is extremely important to guarantee success, making the JFGA Student Assessment an essential part of the admissions process to become a JFGA Student-Athlete.

The JFGA Student Assessment involves a visit to the Academy where the potential Student-Athlete will receive a Technical, Physical and Mental Assessment by the coaching team, followed by an interview.

The purpose of the JFGA Student Assessment is to allow the potential Student-Athlete an opportunity to experience working with the JFGA Team, as well as an opportunity for the JFGA Team to work with the potential Student-Athlete in order to ensure that both sides feel that a position for the Student-Athlete at the JFGA is the correct step forward.

We believe in surrounding individuals with likeminded peers, all striving to achieve similar golf and life goals and helping to drive each other on, enhancing healthy competition and creating the optimal performance environment. It is extremely important to us that this environment is maintained and enhanced to ensure the success of all of our Student-Athletes.

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