Amateur Golf Programmes

Our Amateur Programmes are designed for those aspiring golfers aged 25+ who are looking to improve all aspects of their golf game.

Our 10 and 12 hour packages are available for you to have your personalised Technical, Physical and Mental programmes devised to ensure your improvement and are conducted flexibly around your personal schedule. The lessons never expire and are available until you have received your allotted hours of instruction with us.

Our philosophies put Quality, Care and Attention to detail in everything we do as a priority to ensure you get the most out of your golfing a ability.

Body Swing Link – 160€+VAT / 2 people sharing – 145€+VAT p.p.

1 hour privatellesson – 120€+VAT / 2 people sharing – 95€+VAT p.p.

10 hour Package – 1000€+VAT / 2 people sharing – 850€+VAT p.p.

20 hour Package – 1800€+VAT / 2 people sharing – 1530€+VAT p.p.

Titleist Club Fitting – 100€+VAT p.p.

AimPoint Green Reading – 250€+VAT / with Jason

AimPoint Green Reading – 180€+VAT / with JFGA Instructor


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