JFGA Tournament
Travel Squad (TTS)

Tournaments, the reason our Student-Athletes work so hard to improve every aspect of their game.   Our Student-Athletes are very fortunate to have the flexibility of tournament travel time built into their busy practice and education schedules, allowing them the freedom to travel to tournaments all over the world, without it affecting their studies.

The ability to successfully travel and play international tournaments is a skill in itself, and another skill that we intend to educate our Student-Athletes in to help them get the tournament results they desire and aspire to achieve.

At the JFGA we organise a number of Tournament Travel Squad trips to various International events around Europe and traveling as far afield as the United States, where we take a squad of Students-Athletes accompanied by a number of coaches, to represent themselves and the Academy, as well as learning the various organisation and preparation skills required to be successful when touring.

The squad learn many skills from how to better assess and strategise a golf course during their practice rounds to off the course skills such as how to shop for the right tournament foods, time management, post round practice and when to rest!

They also travel together in a group, helping to develop team building, camaraderie and social bonding, essential skills to all aspects of life. The TTS is also open to part time Student-Athletes as well as golfers who have never worked with us, but wish to learn more about how to travel and prepare for their important tournaments.

Most of all, the trips are great fun and a very different experience to most when compared to the often lonely tournament traveling that many golfers experience when traveling the world.

For more information about our up coming TTS trips, contact us!


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