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Corporate Events

Corporate days are a great platform to entertain new and existing clients for companies. They provide an unrivalled opportunity for networking in a fun and relaxed environment, along with creating a great experience and full of memories.

Wether its the experience of a client improving their game or just simply being entertained at a Championship venue, or the combination of the both, the client leaves the day with an unforgettable impression of the day and therefore the host company.

Corporate days can be hosted anywhere in the world and conducted with many different formats to suit the necessary requirements.

With world class instructional techniques, cutting edge technology with highly trained coaches the the JFGA team provide an unrivalled corporate product.

Why not let us entertain your clients and gift them with a service and experience that will help forge a lifetime relationship.

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Corporate day partners have included:

Credit Suisse, Samsung, Omega, Audi, Fujitsu Siemens, Rolex, Sony, Canon, Vodafone


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