Happy, well rounded and motivated individuals make confident successful learners.

As we enable our students to find their passion, we harness this experience and positive energy to fuel students’ drive towards academic success through the MYP programme for 14-16 year aids (finishing school at 1:30 pm) and International A Levels for 16-18 year aids (school starting at 2:00 pm). This gives structured days allowing time for both academics and golf, supporting our students to access the next chapter of their lives with confidence. Children younger than 14 follow the standard school day, and complete their training in the afternoons and evenings.

Connected learning, preparing you for the 21st Century and life after school

Through connected learning we help students to be highly effective and aware of their strengths and to become successful learners who have the confidence to transfer their learning to new experiences. This program aims to create compassionate global citizens who understand the world around them and their place within it. Students will be IT literate and will have a choice over what, where and how to study.

Find your passion and purpose

Our aim is to inspire and motivate our students to be global citizens who are learners for life. SIS is home to a passionate learning community who inspire students to find their unique talents and encourage them to embrace opportunities to be the best they can be.

Sotogrande International Boarding House

Provides a rewarding and enriching environment in which to live. Students receive exceptional accommodation, pastoral care and academic support. Every detail is taken into consideration in achieving the best from each individual and this includes working closely with external nutritionists.


Harnessing sporting talent

Our Passion Your Success.

Jason Floyd Golf Academy.

Our passion creates success for all of our students; we design a unique personal performance plan for every player to help them achieve their goals. The academy has a wealth of experience, helping players of all levels, from Grass Roots and Beginners up to Elite Amateurs and Professional Tour Winners. The academy recognises that working on a golfers Athletic, Technical and Character development will increase every players opportunities within the sport.

JFGA Training plan phases

The academy utilises access to the latest, state of the art technologies, programs and learning techniques to deliver the best instructional product possible. This is a powerful resource when combined with our highly trained and skilled team of expert performance coaches, a combination that delivers tangible results.

The academy utilises:

  • K-Vest 3D and 6D Biomechanical analysis and Biofeedback
  • Trackman Ball Tracking Technology SAM Balance LAB and SAM Putt Lab Club Fitting
  • Titleist Performance Institute Screening and Exercise Programmes
  • AimPoint Green Reading System
  • Strength and Conditioning Programmes Performance Programme training
  • Sports Psychology Programmes Nutritional Advice


JFGA Junior Tour

The JFGA Junior Tour has been created as a sustainable, non-profit tour with a passion for the benefit of junior golfers. We hope to give male and female players the best experience of competing on a high quality yet accessible tour, while opening doors towards their future education and development.

The academy’s competitive experience also provides a great grounding for competing in future NCAA events in America. The established JFGA Junior Tour has been set up with just this in mind, giving young players the opportunity to experience playing on championship level courses against other high level players.

These tournaments combined with a full individualised schedule throughout Europe, is put together by our Performance Programme team. This provides a perfect springboard to compete in college golf and also creates a resume for each player to present to college coaches.

Follow your dreams … your pathway to university

We provide all our players with a holistic approach towards their development as golfers and individuals. Through our extensive knowledge of the American Collegiate system and also our collaboration with Athletes Worldwide Foundation we provide the very best guidance to players who are considering their next step towards their ultimate goal. Working alongside the Jason Floyd Golf Academy and Athletes Worldwide Foundation we have already placed players in Division One Colleges in the United States of America and a number of at highly prestigious Universities in Europe.

Compliance and Eligibility

  • Briefing on college eligibility requirements.
  • SAT advice and understanding.
  • TOEFL advice and understanding. • Understanding of NCAA recruitment rules and regulations.
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